Prague Private Boat Tour – 3 Hours

Duration: 3 Hours

This private Prague boat tour is a full 3 hour cruise that can go into different areas of Prague or even outside of Prague. We will start the cruise in the city center, below the Charles bridge. From there we can either sail south and see Smichov, Podoli, Modrany and Barrandov area. We could perhaps continue even further and see what lies to the south of Prague. Another option is to go north and sail into Karlin, Liben and around Holesovice areas. Perhaps we can continue further and see the countryside to the north of Prague. 

What is included:

  • Private english speaking captain/guide
  • Private transfer to the boat
  • Private boat
  • Bottle of Czech champagne
  • Music from stereo on request

Total: 585

Number of persons:

Persons Price
1 585
2 610
3 630
4 650
5 670
6 690
7 710
8 730
9+ 750
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Prague Private Boat Tour – 3 Hours

Our driver will pick you up in the hotel and together you will drive to the Old Tonw where our boat docks. Our private captain/guide will help you board and you will begin your private Prague boat cruise. In the first hour you will sail around the Karlin area. Karlin was formerly an industrial area that was heavily damaged by the 2002 flood and it was rebuilt into a luxurious office and residential area. Across the river from Karlin lies Holesovice, a neighborhood that shared a similar fate with Karlin. It was a formerly industrial area and now through the gentrification process it is turning into the hottest residential area in Prague with plenty of young people moving in and new construction going on. We will see some industrial leftovers such as the former slaughterhouse and Holesovice dock. We will see modern architecture and beautiful residential buildings hovering above the Vltava river.
During the second hour of our private boat ride we will sail through the historical center of Prague. We will pass underneath the Charles Bridge, we will take beautiful pictures of the Prague Castle and we will sail along the Old Town weir. The size of our private boat allows us to sail into areas where bigger boats cannot go, such as the Old Town water mills or the picturesque Certovka canal. After spending one hour in the historical center we will go back through the same lock into the Holesovice area. We will continue the private boat cruise and finish after all together 3 hours at the same dock in Liben area. If you wish to be dropped off in the city center, have a look at our 2 Hour Private River Cruise from Holesovice to the Charles Bridge.